Product Digitalization & 3D Visualization

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Hard Surface Modeling

CAD software allows you to create accurate copies of your physical objects. Computer Aided Design is used in fields such as mechanical design, architecture, furniture, products and packaging.

The Advantages of CAD:

+ Lower production costs
+ Work more efficiently and faster
+ Better Quality
+ More accurate modeling
+ Suitable for production like 3D Printing

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Organic Polygonal Modeling

Organic modeling suitable for the design of objects with complex forms of natural inspiration(people, animals, plants, clothes etc.). This modeling methodology allows the integration of components designed by CAD, 3D sculpting and polygonal surfacing.

The Advantages of Organic Modeling:

+ Allows to create more unique looking objects
+ Polygonal models are easier to edit
+ Allows to create UV mapping for realistic texturing
+ Allows to create a deformation simulation
+ Great for WebGL presentation

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Product Mockup

Product mockups allows to visualize the variations of the final product in a real life context. Product mockup is a static PSD image with the ability to change the user design.

The Advantages of Product Mockups:

+ Lower production costs in comparison with photography
+ Very easy to use
+ Very realistic saving time and equipment
+ Fully customizable
+ Limitless possibilities in the creation of scenes and materials

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Creative Product Advertising

Product Advertising Design refers to the visual artwork created specifically for advertisements. The sole purpose of Ad Design is to sell products and services. Unique marketing design is a critical part of any product's overall success.

Why is Product Advertising Design:

+ Unique Social Media Presentations
+ Creative Graphic Design for Print
+ Custom Hero Images for Landig Pages
+ Visual Email Marketing
+ Combination of 3D Rendering and Real Photos