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Layout and publishing of multi-page publications such as Brochures & Magazines. Design of flyers, logos, business cards. Professional PDF workflow. Convert bitmap images to editable and scalable vector. Photo editing.

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Information Brochure

Print Media

» The wide spectrum of the services will help you in the following graphics areas:
Creation and design of multipage brochures, magazines etc.
Business cards & letterheads.
Design of flyers, posters etc. «

Broshure A5 Layout
Broshure A5 Layout
Broshure Layout

Vectorization Of Raster Graphics

» The logos which have been created for a web page or letterhead often have a low resolution, no clear outline, no transparent background and for the professional print they are not suitable. Solution: you send your pixel file and you will get back manually redrawn, freely scaleable file. «

Logo Design

PDF Re-Design

» If you want your brochure, poster, flyer to modernise, to update or complement. It's no problem. The large part of created in different programmes PDF files can be easily edited. Solution: you send your old document and you will get back a modern printable PDF file. «

Sommerfest Flyer
Zukunftscafe Flyer
Logo Design

What Does It All Cost?

» The prices are reasonable and varying. No hourly rate. Only flat fee by agreement. A 16-sided brochure can cost 200 - 500 USD. A poster or Flyer from 100 USD. Logovektorisierung from 30 USD. «

Logo Design

How To Order?

» If you need more information or are interested in an offer, please use the contact form to contact me for the first time. You must accurately describe your proposal. Every detail is important for high quality of workmanship and rapid order fulfillment times. For a first evaluation you can make a link to a similar image. «

Skating Rink Flyer
Marcana School Folded Flyer
Marcana School Flyer
Logo Design
Broshure Layout Example