How To Visualize Own Clear Food Bag Design

To create own clear package, you need Clear Plastic Rice Bag Mockup, label artwork and texture created in the previous tutorial. Especially for this lesson I created a simple fake label.

Step 1

Open Clear Plastic Rice Bag Mockup PSD file. Go to CUSTOM PRODUCT folder. Doubleclick on smart objekt. Create a new pattern fill layer below BAG SHAPE layer. For filling, use the texture that you created in the previous lesson.

Step 2

Risterize fill layer. Cut out all the corns that do not fit entirely inside of package.

Step 3

Copy several complete objects.

Step 4

Fill the empty spaces with separate grains. Use Strl-T combination to call transformation tool. This procedure can be done quite quickly.

Step 5

When your pouch is thoroughly filled, save the texture file and go back to main file.

Step 6

Open DESIGN folder. Doubleclick smart object. Place your artwork. Save design file and go back to main file. So you can always adjust the size and position of your label.

Step 7

Adjust lighting and reflective properties of the label(blue layers).

Step 8

Add colorful background. Done!!! :)

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